Producer. Production Service


A selection from an estimated 150-200 projects in which I have been involved in various roles over the last 20 years.

Project: Jochen Schweizer - Icecold Nights...
Prod.Company: SevenOne Entertainment
Agency: Dirk & Philip Kommunikation
Director: Theo von Asmus
Me: Producer

Project: BMW - The New i5
Prod.Company: Mediamonks
Agency: Mediamonks
Director: Mark Bethke
Lead Producer: Christoph Wallmeyer
DoP/Director Car Porn: Maher Maleh
Me: Producer Car Porn

Project: The Amazing Race US - Season 34, Episode 1 & 2
Prod.Company: World Race Productions
Client: CBS
Service Munich & Innsbruck: First Frame
Director: Bertram van Munster
Me: Service Producer

Project: Center Parcs - Feel Closeness
Prod.Company: Embassy of Dreams
Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Framed
Me: 1st AD

Project: Metro - Christmas Parties
Prod.Company: Namoto Films
Agency: Serviceplan Integrated
Director: Kay Kienzler
Me: Production Manager & Location Scouting

Project: Smart #1 - Future CEO's (Launchfilm)
Prod.Company: 27 Kilometer
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Director: Felix Julian Koch
Me: Producer

Samsung - Ifa Installation - Producer

Project: Samsung 8K QLED - Perfect Reality
Prod.Company: Unit 9
Service Berlin: Embassy of Dreams
Agency: R/GA
Creative Director: Michelle Craig
Me: Service Producer

Project: The Pack - Season 1, Episode 5
Prod.Company: Renegade 83
Client: Amazon Prime
Service Vienna: First Frame
Director: Tony Croll
Me: Service Producer

Project: Penny - I'll pay today
Prod.Company: Neuesuper
Agency: Serviceplan
Director: David Helmut
Me: Producer

Project: Love Nature - Eco-bourgeois Manifesto
Prod.Company: E+P
Agency: TBWA
Director/Photographer: Frank Schemmann
Me: Producer

Project: Dyson - Corrale (Germany's Next Top Model)
Prod.Company: Twin Film
Agency: Dyson Inhouse / SevenOne
Director: Jacqueline Hochmuth
Me: Producer

Projekt: Nivea - Vital Soja
Produktion: WPP/Hogarth
Agentur: FCB Hamburg
Director: Tim Keul
Me: Line Producer

Project: ABB - Let's write the Future
Prod.Company: Neverest
Agency: Serviceplan Zurich
Director: Juergen Bollmeyer
Me: Producer Switzerland / 1st AD (Switzerland, Shanghai, Dubai)

Project: Check24 - Season 5
Prod.Company: Embassy of Dreams
Agency: Check24 Inhouse
Director: Russel Bates
Lead Producer: Alex Fischer
Me: Producer

Project: Teekanne - Teyo
Prod.Company: Loop New Media, Salzburg
Agency: Dirnberger de Felice Grüber, Vienna
Director: Ralph Loop
Me: Service Producer

Project: ZDF - Wintersporttrailer
Prod.Company: Pellybay
Agency: ZDF
Director: Mark von Seydlitz
Me: Location Service

Project: VW - Sponsoringtrailer Kitesurf World Cup
Prod.Company: Embassy of Dreams
Agency: DDB Tribal
Director: Christian Grüner
Me: Lead Producer

Project: Claro - James Rodriguez
Prod.Company: Colombo Films
Service Munich: Embassy of Dreams
AgencyDDB Colombia 
Director: Camilo Matiz
Me: Service Producer

Project: Lidl - Fight
Prod.Company: GAP Films
Director: Adolfo J. Kolmerer
Me: Producer

Project: Disney Channel - Screens II
Prod.Company: Neverest
Agency: Serviceplan
Director: Stephan Usteri
Me: 1st AD

Project: Hipp - Folgemilch
Prod.Company: Namoto Films
Agency Serviceplan
Director: Niko Karo
Me: Producer / 1st AD